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Watch Components and Manufacturing

watch made of gold and gemstone has as a unqiue appeal, however there are challenges in manufacturing it even for an experinced watch maker such as:

Also if a jeweller wishes to make a gold watch, he/she will need:

Established since 2007, BRPL watch divison has the ability to make various components in gold and entire gold watch. It can compliment your capabilities to help:

We provide the following servcies:

  1. Sertisage setting of diamond.
  2. Certified watch makers and tester.

Complete quality control

Our factory is located in the watch manufacturing hub giving us acess to various component suppliers and skilled economical labour. The watches made by us are more than just fast but also cost effective.

We offer the following:

  1. Various parts in gold such as, crowns and case pipes, watch cases, screws, dials decorations and bracelets.
  2. Servcies such as, 
    - Designing a gold watch to a collection .
    - Manufactring, assembling and testing the watch .
    - Stone selection and setting on watch .
    - Dial making.
  3. We undertake to repair and restore you gold watch.