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Industrial Products

Thermocouple Wires

Noble metal and its alloys are most well known sensing elements for high temperature measurements. They have high melting points, accuracy over a wide temperature range, reproducibility, resistance to corrosion and stability in calibration. PIL manufactures Thermocouple (T.C.) wires from a combination of Platinum & Platinum-Rhodium alloys of ultra high pure metals.


Type Temperature Range
R-Type - Platinum/Platinum 13% Rhodium Up to 1500'C
S-Type - Platinum/Platinum - 10% Rhodium Up to 1550'C
B - Type - Platinum -30% Rhodium/Platinum - 6% Rhodium Up to 1600'C


Thermocouple wires for Throw-away tips

Bangalore Refinery Pvt Ltd. also manufacture T.C. wires of 0.1 to 0.06 mm for use as throw away tips particularly in steel plants. These wires are manufactured on highly specialized wire drawing machines to maintain measurement accuracy.


Reprocessing of used wires

Bangalore Refinery Pvt Ltd. also accepts used T.C. wires for supply after reconditioning.