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Analytical Services

The analytical laboratory is a vital part of all industrial plants and research establishments. The techniques employed therein have developed rapidly in recent years, but the fundamentals upon which many of these techniques are based have remained constant and the majority demand the use of high purity inert materials. In this category Platinum has properties that make it an ideal choice. It has a high degree of inertness and yet can be readily fabricated into a wide variety of articles.

This catalogue provides a guide to the products available from Bangalore Refinery and to their use in the laboratory. Most of the items listed are available from stock and we will be pleased to provide price and delivery information very quickly for any item. We will also readily quote for non-standard sizes and items, providing assistance with design where required.

Bangalore Refinery also offers to remake (refine and re-fabricate) old and used Platinum wares on weight to weight basis or with required addition of Platinum.


The state of the art, NABL and BIS accredited lab at Bangalore Refinery offers you the most advanced analytical services. Our highly trained technicians and chemists will accurately test your samples using Fire Assay, X-Ray Fluorescence analysis and Potentiometric Equipment, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer so you are assured that each jewellery, chemical or engineering product you use is pure and free of any dangerous metal.

You can also, utilize our services to test your precious metal and manufactured products to analyse their purity.


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