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Coins & Bars FAQs – Bangalore Refinery

Coins & Bars FAQs


1. How do I buy Bullion?

You can just go to one of our outlets, pay the required amount and buy the bullion. However if you wish to buy significant quantity of gold you may wish to watch the rate and book the gold since it can make a significant difference. In order to watch and book the gold you need to :
  • Deposit 95% of the value with us by either DD, Cheque or RTGS / NEFT in advance.
  • You can then call us on 9241131313 to check the rate and fix the rate of your purchase at a suitable time. Your gold is bought at the particular price at time of confirming.
  • After fixing the rate you need to make the balance payment and take the delivery.

2. What about payment through Cheque's and DD's?

We will deliver the materials only after clearance.

3. Where can I buy the Bullion ?

You can buy bullion from our factory outlet at Chowdesari Temple Street or from various Jewelers who stock the Bullion. The details of these jewelers can be got from this link . We recommend that you to call our partners to determine the price and also book the quantities with them. They will make the arrangement to have the Bullion picked from our office and ready for you at these stores.

4. What are the denominations of the Gold bars and coins ?

We have for your convenience to choose smaller weight to higher weight.:
  • 24Kt (99.9%) Gold we have coins and bars for from 1g, 2g, 5g, and 10g.
  • Bullion bars for 10g, 31.14g (1oz), 50g and 100g.
  • 22Kt (91.6%) Gold we have coins weig1g, 2g, 4g and 8g.
  • Silver coins weighing 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g and 100g.
  • Silver Bars weighing 20g, 50, 100g, 250, 500, and 1kg.
  • There is also raw Silver pieces weighing approximately 1Kg.

5. What is today's price ?

You can refer to our online Price List. However the actual price may change without notice.

6. Do you give tips or advice on investing in Gold ?

We advice the clients to do there own research before investing. The web is a good source for statistics. Some of the sites such as bulliondesk.com, kitco.com do provide historical data and analysis. However our advice is that is a store of value and we recommend all investor to have some portion of in gold.

7. How can we cross check the purity of your Products?

We recommend that you cross check the purity at BIS recognized hall marking centers. We do not accept or recommend test done on karat meter since they are only indicative and not very accurate.

8. What about Credit Card Payment?

We accept Credit Card if the customer is willing to bear the charges.

9. Do You deliver the Gold Bars, Coins/Bullion ?

Yes in order to get a delivery of bullion, First you have to book the rate trough our bullion desk and give us the detailed address/Send a email to Sales@bangalorerefinery.com. You will get a quote with the shipping charges along with our Bank Details for funds transfer. You need to transfer the funds with in the specified time and send us the transfer ID details. If funds are not available at the specified meet, we hold the right to deliver at the specified rate or return the funds. The material will be delivered/shipped in 2-3 working days after confirmation of payments.

10. Online Trading (Buying and selling ) will be introducing shortly

Please check our Online Trading Beta Site for your feedback and enquiry for registration.

11.What is the ideal allocation of precious metal in a portfolio ?

Financial experts recommend in the range of 10%.

12. Do you make customize coins ?

Yes we do.

13. where we can buy Bangalore refinery coins and bars ?

Market places likeCLick On Link.

14. Your can buy/ sell our products at certified outlets mentioned Below

certified outletsCLick On Link.